The vision to establish Top Rank Intellectual Academy was borne out of passion for quality and sound educational foundation for children. The school was founded on September 17, 2013 with teaching based on solid Christian foundation and is established for crèche, Nursery & Primary pupils. We believe that every child has innate potentials that must be developed at the early stage of child development; otherwise the talent may be misplaced. With this in mind, the school location was carefully selected, structure, landscaping and classroom settings adequately planned to meet the required standard that will stimulate every child to unleash his/her God given potential.

Our desire to guide every child to develop his/her God given potential inspired the school motto; ‘Nurturing For Excellence’

The school is managed by seasoned educationists with specialization in early childhood education, educational psychology and guidance & counseling and with over a decade teaching experiences in standard nursery /primary school operated by a multinational organization. We have efficient school governing council comprising of seasoned educationists, technocrats and respected leaders in the community who has excelled in their chosen careers and has over the years demonstrated great passion for quality education for teeming young generation in Nigeria.

We developed adequate teaching curriculum for each age grade, made provision for relevant teaching aids, recruited qualified staff and provided training for all the academic and non academic staff in other to achieve the vision set out for the organization.

You are welcome to Top Rank Intellectual Academy; kindly take few minutes to review our Vision, Mission statement and Core Values. Thereafter, we encourage you to visit the school and interact with our Proprietress to have a feel of the package ready for your children. Your children certainly deserve a good start in life.

Motto – Nurturing For Excellence

Vision: To be a nurturing ground where children discover their full potential and live a purposeful life to the glory of God

 Mission: To provide qualitative education to children in a conducive environment in order to unleash the potential of each child thereby transforming them to be useful for self, God and the society.

Core Values: Derived from the acronyms TRAIN

T-Teamwork; we plan to work as a team (Teachers, Parents, the children and the society…) to achieve our vision.

R-Responsiveness – we want to be alive to changes; observations, new technologies, Govt policies etc will be addressed promptly.

A- Accountability – we want to be responsible/answerable for all our actions

 I- Integrity – we will do what we say/promised; uprightness shall be our ways.

N- Networking – the world is a global village, we shall work with progressive organizations to achieve our vision and continually improving teaching methodologies.


Our commitments

  • Safe, attractive and serene environment

  • Well equipped and Beautiful Classrooms.

  • Adequate Sporting Facilities

  • Modern Montessori Curriculum

  • Integrated Curriculum (Nigeria/British)

  • Jolly Phonics

  • Standard  ICT Centre

  • Standard Music Laboratory

  • Exciting Creative & Cultural Art studio

  • Standard Swimming Pool

  • Hygienic kitchen for pupils/staff lunch

  • Interactive Teaching Method facilitated by Highly skilled staff

  • Comfortable School Bus

  • CCTV Camera in Classrooms and Surrounding

  • Well-equipped and hygienic Intellectual Child Care Centre that operates between 6:30am to 6:00pm for career mothers.

  • Affordable Tuition


Our Belief

At Top Rank Intellectual Academy, we believe that every child:

  • Has God given potentials

  • Should be valued as an individual

  • Has the right to an excellent education foundation to develop and achieve their potential regardless of religion, culture, sex or background

  • Should be nurtured to discover their full potential and be useful for self, God and the society

  • Should be given opportunity to develop a strong sense of self confidence

  • Should be taught to care for self, others, the environments and their world

  • Should be taught to work cooperatively with others and learn the value of team work

  • Should be taught about benefit and be guided to live a healthy lifestyle; physical, emotional and spiritual

  • Should be taught to celebrate and respect diversity, accepting others as unique individual irrespective of differences in culture, color and physical disabilities

  • Should be taught the personal and social skills they need to be adaptable, active and responsible citizens

  • Should be given opportunities to be heard and to participate within decision making processes

  • Should be given opportunities to create, be inspired, take risks and accept failure as part of learning

  • Should be given opportunities to develop a sense of truth, justice and freedom

  • Should enjoy and be happy at school

  • Should be motivated through a curriculum which is meaningful and matched wherever possible to their particular cultural background

  • Should be given the skills they need to develop a life long love of learning and to fulfill their aspirations


Our Resolve

In order to support every child to fulfill his/her God given potential, we ensure that:

  • School location, structure, landscaping and classroom setting are safe and fascinating for children learning.

  • Standard teaching aids are made available for all classrooms, using new technologies that stimulates and extend boundaries of learning.

  • We have a broad, balanced, relevant, enjoyable  and inclusive curriculum which  motivate children and encourage their creativity

  • Our staff are well trained, dedicated, zealous and work as a team with a consistency of approach

  • The highest quality learning and teaching focused on individual need

  • We provide opportunities for spiritual and cultural development

  • We focus on the development of thinking skills, problem solving, creative approaches and outcomes

  • We focus on the development of cooperation and foster a culture of mutual respect

  • We listen to and hear one another

  • We are proactive to address issues relating to students, staffs and stakeholders

  • We work in partnership with progressive organizations to improve quality of our environment and teaching curriculum.

  • We value and support innovative and we promote positive relationships with all members of our school and the local community

  • We constantly seek to develop our professional skills and take on new challenges

  • Make learning fun by creating exciting experiences in all areas of school life that extend beyond the classroom

  • We give every child the best educational start in life that will distinguish him/her in future learning and work experience.

  • We are a learning community, all members taking responsibility for their own development

  • All members of the school community take pride in our achievements

  • We provide opportunities for active participation by all members of the community in their own learning

  • All members of the community develop a sense of truth, justice and freedom