The logo means a lot to the organization as every symbol and color reflect an aspect or process of achieving our vision.
The concept for the school logo design is centered on “Innovation & Intellectual Development” which is our principal brand attributes.

The Logo symbols
The logo contains three symbols namely the Lighted Bulb, Shield and Heraldic Banner
1. The bulb is our mark of intellect, illumination, knowledge and creativity.
2. The shield is our mark of defense which is a product of the effect of intellectual capacity.
3. The heraldic Banner is our mark of firm foundation, a core value we inculcate to guarantee sound intellectual development.

The School colors
The logo contains three colors; Blue, Brick Red and Grey which are the basic colors used by the organization and the significance of each color is highlighted below;
1. Blue color represent Intuition and Intelligence
2. Brick Red  indicates Action and Confidence to go after our dreams
3. Grey represents Intellect, Security and Endurance