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to learn.

A good education should available.

99% of graduates college.

Support academic program.

Inspire to Excel


We believe that every child has innate potentials that must be developed at the early stage of child development; otherwise the talent may be misplaced. With this in mind, the school location was carefully selected, structure, landscaping and classroom settings adequately planned to meet the required standard that will stimulate every child to unleash his/her God given potential.

Our Statistics

67 %

students receiving financial aid

Cool Number

students receiving financial aid

Student-Teacher Ratio
1: 67

state-of-the-art classrooms and labs

Top Rank Model College

Our Vision

To be a model school where young minds are developed to be confident, creative, compassionate, and problem solvers for personal fulfilment and societal transformation.

Top Rank Model College

Our Mission

To create and sustain a learning environment where young minds can think, reflect, explore, communicate, and collaborate without hinderance to become innovative and responsible professionals.

Our Cardinal focus to achieve our vision.

Our Curriculum







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